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New Age pt 3 by almeidap New Age pt 3 by almeidap
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So were in the middle of my birthday bash (literally) and at first I think I'm tripping when I see a blur of silver hair rush by me. I call out to Athena and she's just confirms what I thought I saw, before I get to really sort my feelings about it, I feel a peck on the cheek and "happy Birthday Kei" and then he's gone...Ken.

Ken was already 'rescued' by Vulcan's robot and when me and Thena were surprised to see that there was another one of us already at the house. Ken, could heal and more, it was like his body did whatever he asked of it. If he was running and wanted to go faster his leg muscles would shift and adjust and he couldn't get tired unless he wanted to. He was known as Hermes, for the longest time because of his speed. We're all about two to three times the normal human but his abilities pushed those limits and then some, plus he could transfer a portion of his ability to heal people. After a few lifetimes as Hermes he started stretching his healing ability to see how far it would go and took the name Ares, the god of War. It was as Ares we fell in love but on the next life, I just didn't feel the same and with his abilities mastered and pushed to the max he was known as Eros, and claimed he was the personification of love between Hermes and Aphrodite. Kinda sweet, hell Eros, known as Cupid is probably the only one of us that has any real meaning in the modern world as far as inspiring humans.

I guess it's kinda hard to understand what rebirth is for us. It's not like we pick right back up from where we were, it's more like watching a movie, you know the story and you know it's you but the emotional attachment to the past lives just aren't there. Some things remain, like watching that movie that makes you cry and somethings you just don't quite get the depth of it until your older. So we knew who Ken was and who he had been but without all the emotional baggage.

He and I would jump on beds and just be stupid while Athena would just quietly watch us, like she wanted to join in but over thought the concept of fun. Shortly before his 12th birthday, Ken left. No note, no warning he just left. I was pretty bummed about it for awhile, but I remembered that he was always that type of person who couldn't stay in one place too long, so I guess I always knew it would happen, just not that soon.

So when showed up for my 19th Birthday ass kicking jamboree, made me miss him and think of our times in ancient Greece. We tried to find him after but even without Athena's wisdom I knew we wouldn't find him unless he wanted to be found and he didn't. Still Athena wondered what he was doing there, if it was on purpose or know what? I'm not even going to think about that.

Me and Thena are going our seperate ways for a bit, we'll still be in the same house but we both have different ideas on what we should be doing with our time. She wants to be some type of vigalante...and I just want to find the others. Weird huh? You'd think that it would go the other way, but if you knew Athena, she's always been about purpose of being, and despite all my tom boyish ways, I'm about family, I didn't get the title of goddess of love based soley off my looks, the others gave me that because of my love for our family. Of course we weren't real family but when you've lived several lifetimes with the same group of people, they're the only real family you have.
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